Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Majboori's of Mother's

Such a mix of emotions, it’s hard to describe them. I don’t want to feel pity as I think that’s a patronising emotion, yet its creeping in. I feel helpless yet in such a position to offer so much support.

I witnessed and truly got to see how people live their lives in what we couldn’t describe in any other way other than a slum. I humorously named this plane ‘Goat Alley’ as there are almost as many goats as there are people crammed into such a small place. They roam through the lanes and in and out of what we wouldn’t call houses yet these people call home.

One room, divided into a total living space, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, living room, all compact into what can’t be in some cases more that bed length long and double the width. Here at least 4 people will live and contently live.

Upon meeting these women, they are all very well mannered, very polite and eager to share their live experiences, hopeful that you will help their children not to fall into their circle of life. They have this feeling of defeat in their eyes acknowledging that it is too late for them to change their lives but will stop at nothing to ensure their children can live a better one.

One woman explained to that she had no choice but to enter this line of work, she had no money and a daughter to raise. “I know my line of work is bad,” she explained, “but I need to raise some money for my child’s future. I want her to be independent and not rely on anyone else. I want her to be educated and not helpless like me.”

The one word every single woman has used when speaking to me, “majboori” meaning helpless. They all felt that they were helpless but to enter this line of work and refuse to submit their children into it.

Without the help of the NGO’s that are working here, the state of the population in this slum would be atrocious. Every of the women have had help to send their children away from their homes and into education. They feel sad that they don’t live with their children but accept it is for the greater good that they do not live with them. The ultimate sacrifice of a mother for her child.

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  1. Just read all your posts from start to end.. love reading about what you've been doing.. sounds like a proper adventureee!!! definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity which im sure ull take away alot from... other than all the shopping your doing!!hehe

    enjoy it...not long left now..36 days!!and ull b back!

    and 7 more days till im in the same country as you!!!!

    keep it up dil... ever so proud of you i really am!u R amazing.. speak soon xx