Friday, 25 March 2011

quik catch up!!

so much has happened since my last post, i don't know where to start!
i've submited my proposal got ethical clearance and got repeatedly annoyed at the pace at which things work here.

I've carried out my own case study one to one interviews with ex-sex workers. and have realized my hindi is actually quite good that the translator was redundant! (TAKE THAT PODCAST NIRAV!) it was so interesting. the way their lives turned to this work, mostly without choice... anyway i shall leave the details to my write up.

today was actually quite infuriating!!! i'm trying to figure out if i have any authority here to tell people off..! i think not! there was one professor that literally wasted my days work by contaminating all the interviews that were taking place by being a useless busy body!!! annoying! but anyway, learning curve and all that.

so i'm now commuting from home to surat everyday- 20min motorbike ride- 1hr bus ride n then 5min rickshaw ride and whooo im there! its not that bad.. the bike bit is my fav bit! im going to miss that when i leave her- oh well still got 8 weeks of it! =)

oh i met this dr from UCL who did her phD with the medical college that im based with at the moment, she came to disseminate her results and meeting her was so great- she took me round with her for a few days and we visited hosp depts and an urban health clinic- their version of a sex health clinic. now that was interesting!!!

the way in which they work, the UK has a pretty good system that young people can access help and info whenever they like, here, the only unmarried adolescents that visit the clinic would be for terminations.. quite sad that they don't have the education and knowledge to protect themselves. and people only really get picked up for sex health checks when pregnant so through antenatal care, there's a big lack in knowledge of general health care.

anyway! what else have i done since last posting!! erm.! driven loads! that maruti van isnt the safest thing around but still it was an experience! oh i've had rickshaw lessons! okay lesson. but still it's a start! never had to control hand gears b4 was interesting..! i went to a field of dirt and just went round n round in a circle for about 20mins doing laps, n then drove home, where obv i stalled where all the gham people were jamming playnig cricket. well kool dil(!)

i had a domino's! it wasnt bad!
i went to a revolving restaurant in surat, the top floor revolves and you can see the whole city more a less- its quite a sight..!

erm n thats it for now! its hot. im tanned. and im missing sandwiches n toast.. oooh toast!!! =(

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  1. Missing u lots so just reading through all ur blog "i had a domino's!" lol whilst im sitting here eatin my domino's too :P xxx