Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Goat Alley

Today was interesting to say the least... It wasn't an easy day.

It was soo hot! i went and visited the field as they call it.

Basically in Surat there was a red light district before they shut down all the brothels, however still in this area are the slum homes of the female sex workers. They literally live in one room homes, with loads of roaming goats. yep thats right, goats! one even tried to eat my bag, i felt a little tug on my strap turn around to see a goat!!

The houses are probably what we would call slums, the two people i was touring this area with were known to the community they were very welcoming to me and all wanted to invite me in for 'chai pani'
I met a hobbling one today, yday when she was out for  'activity kam' she was chased by a policeman, where she tripped and fell so he beat her on her legs with whatever it is that policemen here carry! she has a really big swollen ankle and you couldn't help but feel bad for her.

As i was walking through i see loads of little children, and we were checking to see that they had been immunised and if they all were enrolled in a school, as the organisation im to be working with helps in both these things, so these children are given education, health and opportunities.

It would be an interesting environment to work to for sure... and one that i probably will be seeing alot more of soon!

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