Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Day before!

So for experience i've got the opportunity to go to india for 10 weeks to do some voluntary work and carry out some research. My topic is looking at educational status and reproductive and sexual health knowledge in adolescents in Surat. The youths i'd work with would be children of hiv+ sex workers... so thats the low down!!!

So i go tomorrow and i think it's finally hit me...! (i always was a bit late!) how in the world am i gna survive in india for 10 weeks alone...!!!!!!!!!!!

i've kinda packed but true indian last min style i shall repack tmo!!!

my flight is at 830pm, and as its my last night im trying to figure out what im going to miss the most... as i watch a documentary on india.. getting into mode!

So im getting sleepy already.. it's all go tomorrow... i shall try and keep up to date with this blog i know some random crap is bound to happen to me!


  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure and an experience of a lifetime. Something I know u've been wanting to do for a long time, so the fact that u are now doing it is awesome! Incredibly proud of u!! not long before you go.. and i'm sure u'll be back before you know it..!
    Wishing u all the success on ur trip..and for a new career path in your life..
    Take Care, Much love! x

  2. Have fun, stay safe :)

    fyi - my dad's still over there and its only 40 mins or so to get to surat, so if you do need anything ... just ask family man ! :D

  3. This is a fantastic opportunity and i know you will do very well out there. I am so proud of you and what you have already achieved and i know you will go onto even better things in your future. The time will go fast once you get started (I hope so anyway cus i'm gna miss you too much!) You know dad is going to introduce you to everyone within a 10 mile radius of Surat so you will have a great support network out there, use is as and when you need to. Above all have a great time and be safe. I love you loads and miss you already :( Take care, Love from Mots XXX

  4. Hope you come back fresher than me :p